You Can Do What You Said You Were Gonna Do - Consistently.
Without Needing More Willpower, A More Rigid Planning Or More Strict Deadlines.
The Procrastination INTERRUPT Kickstarter is designed to help you do exactly that.

It's to-the-point. 

Defiantly different. 

And it actually works.

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  • An easy, counter-intuitive way to stop procrastinating.
  • No tools, planners or more willpower needed.
  • Stop rushing to get things done just-in-time.
  • ​Stop (secretly) feeling bad about your work (+ how you had to scramble to get it done).
  • Stop worrying about the impression you might be making on others.
  • Start embodying the leader you are meant to be - decisive, focused, on top of things, and with plenty of time + energy for what truly matters to you, at work + at home.
Learn how to Actually DO the Things You Said You Were Gonna Do - Even When You Feel The Urge to Procrastinate or Postpone.
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